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Nye County Leverages GovInvest for Labor Costing, Negotiations and Transparency

“With new financial forecasting tools, our county is now empowered to build greater trust and be an authority in accurate analysis.” – Savannah Rucker, Finance Director, Nye County, NV

Nye County was headed into negotiations with labor groups and needed a method to calculate changes quickly. They wanted a great labor costing system that could improve negotiation outcomes, increase transparency and build agency trust.

Staff members at Nye County know all too well how difficult it is to navigate complicated excel spreadsheets and rely on accuracy during labor renegotiations. Like many government agencies, the county was still spending hours and hours to generate calculations for each position. There was no quick turnaround, and it was a painful process. The agency wanted to create a clearer picture to understand short term and long-term impacts.

Working directly with the HR Director, Finance Director Savannah Rucker knew there had to be a better way to crunch numbers and validate results. In response to this problem, in 2019 the county took its labor costing to the next level with easy-to-use tools and instant proposals made possible by GovInvest — all while saving valuable time and money for the agency.

How have processes improved?

GovInvest Labor Costing management software gives Savannah the ability to modify employee groups, track costs individually, measure total compensation and confidently validate results for trust-based decision-making. The bargaining units also appreciate the speed that the county is able to respond to new and updated proposals. Nye county is able to negotiate new contracts quickly and avoided ill-will between labor groups and county officials.

“It’s a lot easier to validate information now,” said Savannah. “GovInvest helps me create reliable information that I can confidently share with bargaining units, my board or the public.” Combining the intuitive software with GovInvest consulting experts, the county has everything it needs to prepare for budget, workforce planning and negotiations without argued methodologies for calculating costs.

Turn-key Solutions

Labor Costing: Easy set up for costs you want to model, including gross wages, payroll taxes, benefits, insurance, paid time off, meals, equipment, supplies and all forms of special pays.

Labor Negotiations: Instantly cost out proposals, analyze bargaining units and measure changes in the workforce that include salary increases, paid leave, benefit changes, new special pays and more. On-the-fly assumption changes, plus accurately plan and forecast costs for years ahead.

Budgeting: Plan, forecast and control costs with more accuracy to ensure costs stay within the approved budget. Update assumptions, measure impacts and track changes in a visual platform for clear communication of information.

Expert-level Support
“The customer service has been impeccable. GovInvest’s team walked me through the entire set up process and the training felt very natural with weekly check-ins. Any issues a re resolved quickly, often on the same day,” said Savannah. “Their team is not pushy, but most of all the product speaks and pays for itself.”

Labor Costing Evolution

Nye County is paving the way for other Nevada agencies, such as Washoe County, NV, to take financial forecasting into their own hands. “GovInvest continues to reach out for feedback on how to improve their software. This shows that the company is committed to evolving their product to better suit their clients. It has been a pleasure working with their team.”

Bridging the Gap with Technology

Accurate Analysis. Cost Savings. Transparency. While some Financial Directors deem these terms political buzzwords impeding actual work, experienced counterparts know better: being able to confidently validate results for informed decisions is the secret to success. Nye County shows how one county has harnessed sophisticated software to make these promises a reality and proves a helpful model for other agencies facing the same obstacles