Pension and OPEB Module

Unlock the Future: Software to Streamline Strategic Planning for Pension and Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB)


Pension and OPEB

Actuary Analysis

Actuary Analysis is the backbone of informed decision-making. Our team of seasoned actuaries employs advanced methodologies to provide comprehensive insights into financial risks, enabling you to make sound choices for the future.

Our state-of-the-art technology enables you to conduct in-depth analyses, providing you with accurate and timely results. Every client is unique, and so are their needs. Our software is customized to suit your specific requirements, providing actionable recommendations.

Total Liability Calculator

Our patent-pending and cloud-based software, “The Total Liability Calculator,” empowers state and local governments to run their own actuarial analysis.

GovInvest brings your pension and OPEB plan to life and provides dedicated experts for your agency to prepare for the changing economy, workforce, and policy.

At a fraction of the cost compared to traditional actuaries, our solution can provide you with the knowledge of experienced actuaries, and the power of silicon valley technology.

Pension and OPEB Planning

We understand the critical importance of Pension and Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) planning. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your organization is well-prepared for the financial challenges of the future.

Navigating the complex landscape of pension and OPEB regulations can be daunting. Our software solution ensures that your organization remains compliant with evolving standards.

Strategic planning is essential to ensure the long-term financial stability of your organization. Our software analyzes current and future obligations, provides a roadmap for sustainable financial health, and prepares your organization for a secure financial future.


Consulting Services


Compliance Assurance

Navigating the complex landscape of pension and OPEB regulations is the foundation of financial stability. Our consultants conduct thorough compliance assessments, keeping your organization abreast of evolving standards. By ensuring adherence to regulations, we minimize risks and liabilities, providing a solid foundation for your financial strategy.


Funding Policy Development

Crafting a robust funding policy is central to long-term financial health. In collaboration with your team, our consultants develop tailored policies aligned with your organization's objectives. These policies not only promote fiscal responsibility but also contribute to stability, allowing you to proactively manage pension and OPEB obligations.


Actuarial Expertise and Planning

Empower your organization with accurate projections and strategic insights. Our seasoned actuaries provide in-depth analyses, enabling you to make informed decisions about funding requirements and risk mitigation. Working closely with our consultants, you'll develop holistic and forward-thinking strategies for effective pension and OPEB management, ensuring a secure financial future.

What our clients say

Don't just take our word for it, see what your peers have to say about GovInvest solutions:

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“It’s not just an actuarial valuation … others can do that … the customized software, the data, educational webinars, and the fact that we have experts available to us when called upon is really valuable and sets GovInvest apartfrom the rest.”

Finance Director

City of La Quinta
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"The time savings has been huge. Before working with GovInvest, if we wanted to model our pension obligation it could take three or four months. Now, we've reached that point of clarity that we can present this information to our board with confidence. GovInvest has given us accurate data at our fingertips in a clear, easy-to-understand and visual way"

Deputy County Adminstrator

Grand Traverse County
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"GovInvest has enabled our city to bring our processes for managing pensions out of the dark ages. The software paid dividends during our recent conversation around modeling and analysis regarding potentially issuing Pension Obligation Bonds. GovInvest was an integral part of our evaluation, communicated with us weekly and the expertise proved vital. This is a company that takes the stress, cost and time out of financial forecasting on a massive scale."

Accounting Manager, Financial Reporting

City of Phoenix
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"I WOW’d everyone at negotiations. I was able to quickly cost out the union’s very expensive proposal."​

Director of Finance

Mono County
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"GovInvest has been a phenomenal tool to validate data, as well as increase transparency and trust with our labor union groups. Having access to a team of experts who are focused on financial forecasting and deliver a concierge service has been the greatest benefit. As a client, it has also provided a resource of city best practices available at our fingertips."

Finance Director

City of San Marcos
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"I wanted to reach out and thank you all for your assistance and expertise. It was greatly appreciated. The analyses you had provided and the model itself were instrumental in helping get a state budget passed this year. For once, the pension outlook in CT looks promising - we’ll be contributing roughly 7% of the unfunded liability into the system next year. Looking forward to our training session over the summer."

Associate Budget Analyst

State of Connecticut
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​"The software has allowed us to provide labor costing while in negotiations. After showing the costing with labor groups, there is more trust in the city’s calculations for their proposals."​

Director of Finance

City of Reno
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"The software is very user-friendly, and staff is very helpful in assisting with questions and helping to better understand the software data."​

Deputy City Manager

City of Brisbane
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