The National Public Employer Labor Relations Association recently added GovInvest as a strategic partner and provider of workforce cost analysis software services.

Vernon Hills, IL — GovInvest, the pioneer of financial forecasting solutions for public sector agencies, has entered a strategic partnership with the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association (National PELRA) to help its members improve their labor costing and negotiations process.

The National PELRA provides professional development, networking and advocacy services to Labor Relations and Human Resource professionals so that public sector employers may deliver the most effective services to taxpayers. To achieve this, they identify and partner with providers of financial, employee benefit and technology solutions to help agencies operate more efficiently and save money.

“We are committed to modernizing the labor costing process with affordable, easy-to-use software that has saved public sector agencies nationwide countless hours by streamlining and automating the cost analysis and negotiations process,” said Co-Founder and President Jasmine Nachtigall-Fournier. “Complex financial analysis does not have to be difficult to manage and understand. GovInvest’s visual solutions help employers achieve transparency and inform better decision-making, which aligns with National PELRA’s work of advancing excellence in public service.”

GovInvest’s Labor Costing software gives employers the ability to modify employee groups, track costs individually, measure total compensation, instantly cost proposals and confidently validate results for trust-based decision-making during labor negotiations or anytime changes in budgets are required.

The Labor Costing software is one component of a broader suite of forecasting services that help employers do long-term financial planning accurately, flexibly and painlessly. GovInvest’s solutions suite also includes Pension and OPEB (Other Post-Employment Benefits) Management software, Financial Modeling software, GASB Valuations, as well as best-in-class consulting.

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About GovInvest: Serving over 1,000 clients nationwide, GovInvest empowers public sector agencies to run their own financial forecasting at a fraction of the cost and time through powerful software solutions and best-in-class consulting. We employ and partner with senior public finance professionals, best-in-class engineers and industry-leading actuaries to provide an unmatched service. GovInvest’s pioneering technology quickly pays for itself and provides real-time, visual projections that help our clients simplify communications with stakeholders and make better-informed decisions for years to come.

About The National Public Employer Labor Relations Association: National PELRA is the premier organization for public sector Labor Relations and Human Resource professionals offering a network of state and regional affiliates with over 2,400 HR and LR members across the country. The public sector agencies represented in National PELRA employ more than four million workers in special districts, federal, state and local governments.