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GovInvest Announces Strategic Partnership with Connecticut Conference of Municipalities

CCM Member Agencies Benefit from Improved Compensation and Workforce Analytics with GovInvest’s Enterprise Platform

GovInvest, the provider of accurate analysis and enhanced transparency for public sector agencies, today announced a strategic partnership with the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM). This collaboration will reduce the complexity of workforce analytics and inform confident decision-making to benefit CCM’s statewide membership.  

“Through this partnership, our goal is to bring our member agency’s data to life to assist them with understanding, analyzing and communicating with stakeholders about their workforce compensation and benefits plans,” said Joseph DeLong, CCM Executive Director and CEO.  

Local governments across the U.S. are adopting a real-time data mindset in the face of disruption and uncertainty to ensure data accessibility, accuracy, and immediacy. They are turning to GovInvest for modern compensation tools, as business as usual on legacy systems is no longer adequate. The Company is standing up mission-critical analysis and reporting capabilities through GovInvest’s Enterprise Platform, the public sector’s most comprehensive compensation technology available to help governments plan today for tomorrow’s workforce challenges.

“When you see how closely our missions align, it makes perfect sense that we would partner to help CCM members,” said GovInvest CEO Michael Fryke. “CCM wants to arm Connecticut agencies with powerful, visual software coupled with the industry’s best-in-class consultants to ensure successful deployments. We look forward to learning more about each agency’s individual needs.”  

CCM members have access to exclusive benefits through this partnership. GovInvest’s enterprise products include:

  • GovInvest’s Live Compensation Solution gives employers a customized compensation benchmarking tool to assist in the analysis needed during budgeting, labor negotiations, hiring, and other scenarios.  
  • GovInvest’s Labor Costing Solution gives employers the ability to instantly cost proposals during negotiations, calculate the impact of all roll-up costs, measure total compensation, and confidently validate results for trust-based decision-making.
  • GovInvest’s Pension & OPEB (Other Post Employment Benefits) Solutions give employers real-time Pension & OPEB analysis at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional actuaries backed by the knowledge of experienced actuaries and the power of real-time technology.

With GovInvest, CCM member agencies now have a single source for real-time, accurate data to help them achieve fiscal sustainability goals while staying competitive in a tight job market. Learn more at