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City of Columbus Leverages GovInvest for Labor Costing during Negotiations and Beyond

GovInvest Customer Case Study

The City of Columbus had been facing challenges with efficient labor costing during negotiations due to turnovers in personnel and a reliance on Excel spreadsheets. There was a need for a tool that could streamline the costing process, provide real-time updates, and enhance transparency in budgeting.

After considering various options, including an RFI and RFP process, GovInvest emerged as the preferred choice due to its focus on meeting the specific needs of the city. GovInvest's solution aligned closely with the immediate requirements of labor costing during negotiations, unlike other vendors who offered broader, but less tailored solutions.

Implementation and Service Delivery
Initial feedback from finance specialists using GovInvest and the city’s negotiating team at the bargaining table has been positive, highlighting the speed and accuracy of calculations. The intuitive interface and graphical presentations have allowed the negotiation team to prepare complex data in an easy-to-consume format so that the city’s decision makers and stakeholders understand and trust the cost estimates.

The implementation of GovInvest has instilled confidence in cost estimates and increased efficiency in the negotiation process. Stakeholders appreciate the speed at which calculations are done, reducing wait times and allowing for more informed decision-making. While specific time savings haven't been quantified yet, the immediate availability of data has significantly improved the negotiation process.

"GovInvest's tailored solution addressed the specific challenges faced by the City of Columbus, resulting in improved efficiency, transparency, and confidence in labor costing processes during negotiations," said Interim Director of Human Resources Christopher Moses. "The City of Columbus recommends GovInvest based on its professionalism, understanding of client needs, and ease of collaboration during implementation."