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City of Cincinnati Improves Workforce Analytics with GovInvest Labor Costing Software

GovInvest Customer Case Study

The City of Cincinnati, Ohio looks forward to better workforce analytics and informed decision-making thanks to a partnership with GovInvest, the leader in digital financial software for our cities and government agencies, on government Labor Costing software.

The City of Cincinnati provides an array of benefits to employees. Moving from a manual Excel-based budgeting process to GovInvest’s Labor Costing solution will allow agency HR and finance teams to automate workforce analytics live during negotiations, as well as improve long-term forecasting of labor costs. Agency staff is excited to leverage GovInvest’s tool to create reliable financial reports that can be confidently shared with bargaining units and City officials.

Excel worksheets can be cumbersome to manage and prone to errors. With GovInvest Labor Costing software, the City will have all financial information in one centralized location where staff will be able to run live projections and report on strategic initiatives. Using the tool, Cincinnati staff can calculate labor costs by individual or the entire workforce, conduct scenario analysis to make budget decisions, and have the data to back requests for new positions. Finally, staff will spend 80% less time costing proposals thanks to real-time data that can be communicated through visual, easy-to-understand reports.

The City of Cincinnati joins more than 1,000 public sector organizations leveraging GovInvest to revolutionize workforce analytics and forecasting processes with cloud-based software designed specifically for the needs of government.